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Eco wedding invitations have been our specialty since 1995.
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Learn how to make your own wedding invitations by watching how-to videos.
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Hello! Please call us toll-free with your questions. We’re celebrating our yearly wedding invitations SALE. These are Limited Editions, so when they sell, these super affordable wedding invitations are gone. If you are a local visit our showroom.

Eco Paper Lowdown

What is sustainable paper?
Learn about tree-free and recycled paper wedding invitations.

DIY Weddings 101

Do-it-yourself wedding invitations and stationery can be as modern and sophisticated as you are.

Our Team

Helen Driscoll of InviteSiteHelen Driscoll started Fine Paper Co. in 1995 with the donated sweat and labor from friends and by cashing out her pension plan and selling her mint 1965 bathtub 356 Porche. Fine Paper Company stocked thousands of handmade, treefree papers and offered custom letterpress printing. Since then, she has worked extensively with eco papers and printing technologies, designing and manufacturing the Fine Paper and Invitesite lines. Scott Rubel and Helen became partners in 1998 and incorporated to found Invitesite in 1999.

Previously, Helen sold rare books at Heritage Book Shop for seven years, was Director of Events for the Poetry Society of America in Los Angeles for 5 years. She has published short stories, articles and written too many unproduced screenplays and continues to write on subjects that reflect the values of the environmentally conscious. From 1996 - 1999, film producer Kathleen Kennedy hired Helen to help her build what is now an exceptional rare book library.

Scott Rubel of InviteSiteScott Rubel Rubel's early years were occupied building a castle with Michael Rubel (his uncle) from concrete, recycled railroad trestle timber, and river rock. Completed in 1986, this six-story, two-acre structure has been featured in many human interest stories, including the often televised Huell Howser PBS series "California's Gold." One of Scott's print studios is located there. Rubel Pharms is considered to be one of the first buildings created from recycled materials and found objects. Noted environmental writer John McPhee wrote about Rubel Pharms in The Control of Nature.

A skilled draftsman, engraver and digital artist, typographer and letterpress printer since 1982, Scott uses his many talents in developing Invitesite's website and stationery lines.

Cynthia Driscoll of InviteSiteCindy Driscoll joined Invitesite in March, 2006 as Customer Service Manager. Prior to moving to California, she lived on Long Island, New York. Cindy has had an exciting mix of careers which include modeling, display design, real-estate, and designing and executing faux finishes. She has also designed one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. We still lose Cindy to modeling jobs.

Cindy enjoys swimming and yoga, as well as reading and watching movies. Especially pirate movies. Usually, with her dog Coco by her side.

Skye MoorheadSkye Moorhead A Los Angeles based photographer, Skye Moorhead shoots mostly editorial and environmental portraits. She is a graduate of Otis Parsons and her personal work often includes typography in the form of haikus, dialogue or narration. While in school, she worked as an emergency technician for the Fire Department. Skye photographs our ads, helps with the telephone during our busiest season, and loves to bind books and special boxes. She is also available as an editorial style wedding and event photographer.