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Recycled Holiday Cards

Eco friendly papers and printing have been our specialty since 1995. What to look for in
Recycled Holiday Cards >>

Holiday Customer Service: 626-864-0364

Please call us toll free with questions or for Delivery Timing. Customized Holiday Cards are available this year. If you are a local visit our showroom.

Green Printing Practices

Invitesite has specialized in Eco papers and printing since we went into business, in 1995. Read about our
Green Printing Practices here >>

DIY Holiday Cards

Make your own Holiday Invitations with DIY Christmas Party Invitation Kits and Imprintable
Holiday Invitations >>

Holiday Invitation Samples

We are happy to send you a free sample so that you can see and feel the quality of our products. Jules, head of our sample department, tries very hard to keep the sample stock of every invitation we sell current.

The free sample is laser printed and assembled. Since the samples cost us a fair amount of money in labor, we can only send one free sample per household or business. Additional full samples are $10 each or paper swatches are also available at no charge for most of our designs.

We do not send assembled samples of holiday cards.

Our free sample offer is for requests with a United States address only.

Expect your sample via US mail in 1-2 weeks.

We respect your privacy. We do not sell or trade your personal information to any outside vendors.

Please take a moment to fill out the information below for your sample wedding invitation.

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Note: One free full (assembled) sample per household or business. Swatches are no charge. Additional samples are $10 each. View Holiday Invitation Styles here.

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